Professional BRT Devices

The LENYO suite of advanced BRT devices are available in a variety of size, feature and pricing options – from professional multi-user systems to pocket-size, mobile devices that can be used in the home or on-the-go. Designed for optimum efficiency, LENYO BRT devices provide both endogenous and exogenous signaling, more than 660 automated programs and both multiple-program and simultaneous session capabilities. With the most comprehensive range of BRT product choices in the industry, LENYO BRT devices are safe, easy to learn and simple to operate.



Through precise signal modulation and more than 553 automated BRT programs with sub-programs, the LENYO CellCom can address a wide range of imbalances and conditions, restore the body’s natural balance and help to maintain overall wellness.The most sophisticated device in the LENYO suite of advanced BRT devices, the LENYO CellCom (LCC) is an endogenous BRT device that captures and selectively modulates the organism’s electromagnetic field at the cellular level in order to help the transmission of the body’s own inner communications and induce the natural healing process.

The LENYO CellCom features a Homeopathic Imprinter (HI) module. The HI module can transfer user-specific BRT signals – based on the body’s own biofeedback – to portable, home-use, homeopathic remedies and carriers including magnetic polymers, aqueous tinctures, ointments, metal alloys, crystals, jewels and more.

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LENYO SanoCenter

The LENYO SanoCenter (LSC) is an advanced, centrally-controlled, therapy management system for professional use. The LSC unifies and manages multiple-program sessions for up to 64 therapy units for multiple users. It enables simultaneous therapy sessions, stores BRT program information for unlimited different clients and schedules therapy sessions in advance.

The LSC is ideal for healthcare clinics, rehabilitation and detox centers, wellness spas, and other facilities that manage a large number of clients and protocols. The LSC package comes with flexible configurations starting with 4 therapy units which makes it ideal for small clinics as well.

Key Features

  • Very easy to use devices with almost immediate deployment
  • Automated session management allowing several staff members to operate the devices
  • Very intensive/deep therapy effect in a relatively short session
  • Very Quick ROI

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The LENYO Lux Pro BRT device is a state-of-the-art device designed for both home and professional use. It offers 136 advanced BRT programs and over 70 sub-programs per program which can precision-target the tissues and receptors needed to restore communication paths and stimulate the body’s self-healing process.

The exogenous LENYO Lux Pro helps to maintain overall wellness and address a number of specific conditions and imbalances. It is ideal for a variety of aging symptoms, such as joint problems, general aches and pains, digestive issues, sleeping disorders, etc., and both professional and amateur athletes will find it to be an invaluable tool for dealing with preparation, concentration, endurance and injury recovery.

Key Features

  • 136 automated programs (96 programs, 40 short-version programs) that offer an unlimited number of combinations
  • Protocol database that includes program name, duration, pauses, etc.
  • Therapy session database that stores session history including date and time
  • Session planning feature that allows customized sessions (up to 16 programs) for day or night
  • Meridian and Five Element programs
  • Meditation programs that support and enhance meditation sessions at all levels
  • Ideal for acupuncture-type therapy without needles, physical pressure on the body or the need to undress
  • Advanced intensity waving function (secondary modulation in addition to the chosen program) with industry-leading, seven-compartment, full body (XL) applicator
  • Operates independently from PC once programs and databases have been downloaded

The LENYO Lux Pro Device  comes with Netbook computer, Lux Pro Software,  Product Manual, full body applicator (mattress), small applicator, adapter, cables, protective case for the device and carrying bag for the applicators.

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