Why Lenyo?

Lenyo BRT Devices provide Bio Regulation Therapy(BRT) with Extremely low intensity (ELI) Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) applied at the cellular communication level to achieve biological self-regulation:

  • Gentle electromagnetic field changes stimulate cells to help the transmission of the body’s own ongoing signaling process
  • Lenyo BRT devices continually capture and adjust electromagnetic signals to enable better signaling process of the targeted
    communication channel and in turn, help the body restore communication breaks and reset its own healthy communication processes
  • Lenyo BRT devices target very specific communication channels via modulation and sub-programs

Natural and holistic path to wellness

  • Non-invasive approach designed to result in biological coherency and sufficient synchronization of ongoing metabolic processes in order to restore a natural state of well-being
  • Integrates modern biophysics and PEMF technology with non-conventional, holistic methods and approaches for rebalancing systems – e.g., acupuncture, meridian and chakra work, meditation, yoga, homeopathy, etc.
  • Intuitive – continually reads and adapts electromagnetic signals based on the body’s own vibrational patterns so the body can adjust its own signals.
  • Assists in the attainment of overall health and the prevention/mitigation of specific conditions by restoring communications at the cellular level


  • At it’s maximum strength Lenyo BRT signals are 20% of those emitted by the earth’s magnetic field. The earth, on average, has 50 MicroTesla. Lenyo BRT devices have 9 MicroTesla peak-to-peak
  • BRT devices use only 12 V of electrical charge or standard household type battery (mobile)
  • No tissue exhaustion, over-stimulation or tolerance build-up, because the body is constantly self-regulating
  • Endogenous BRT devices continually adapt the signal based on the body’s own feedback
  • Generally considered safe with no side effects. See disclaimer for specifics

Easy to use

  • Simple to operate in both the office and home
  • In-person training provided for professional devices. For home use devices; product manual is all that is needed
  • Easy to understand product literature

Better precision and control than competitor products

  • LENYO BRT devices produce gentle field changes (produced by the right modulation of the signal) to enable better signal processing of the targeted communication channel
  • Precision therapy is achieved through frequency, intensity (amplitude) and modulation of signals and unique program design (sub-programs, pauses, etc.)

A proven and recognized technology

  • Magnetic therapy to effect disease was being considered over 500 years ago
  • PEMF technology has been studied and practiced extensively for decades for many conditions and medical disciplines
  • Used in Europe by tens of thousands– without significant negative effects for over 35 years. Three million treatments performed daily in Europe
  • BRT therapy has been available in the US for over 30 years
  • BRT devices and PEMF technology are recognized and considered safe by key scientific and medical organization such as FDA, NASA, Health Canada, European Union Countries
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology has been FDA-approved in the US to fuse bones (since 1979) and has been cleared in certain devices to address wound healing, pain management, tissue swelling, microcirculation and depression
    • All LENYO devices are FDA-registered
    • ISO 13485 certified worldwide
    • Approved as Medical Class IIa and Safety Class II.BF in Europe


  • Completely compatible with other holistic and allopathic health therapies including pharmaceutical treatments
  • 661 different programs to address different needs
  • Office, home and mobile devices options – addressing number of programs, size and portability